VMP, Inc. was founded in the late 1950s. The company began with three partners, Harry Van Dalsen, Ernest Moe, and John Poquette which led to the name VMP, Inc. Industry innovator Robert Schreiner joins VMP, Inc. on it’s inaugural year as a screw machinist in a 5000 square foot leased building. After several years of business, Robert Schreiner becomes president of the well-established corporation in 1969 and then owner in 1976. The next ten years VMP’s growth is reflected in it’s customer base and purchase of a brand new 14,000 square foot manufacturing facility. Robert Schreiner passed away in 1991 and left the company to his wife Betty, his children Robert, Jr., Steve, and Susanne.

Thirty years later VMP, Inc. is still a family-owned company ran by the Schreiner’s and dominates the market from it’s 25,000 square foot corporate headquarters in Valencia, CA that was acquired in 1996. VMP, Inc. boasts 60+ automatic screw machines and an environmentally safe parts cleaning system and keeps more than 50 people employed during peak operating periods. The company’s customer database population is 2500+ which includes Boeing, Gregstrom, Rotonics Manufacturing Inc., Dakota Molding, Aggressive Molding and General Electric.

VMP enjoys a remarkably low personnel turnover, particularly for an industry where competing shops often woo experienced machinists with the lure of overtime and double shifts. Robert, Jr. feels part of VMP's success at keeping its turnover down is grounded in the company's emphasis on employees having rewarding personal lives.

The company is a leading insert manufacturer in the plastic injection, sheet metal and the rotational molding industry. The development of rotational molding has led VMP to increase exponentially in the last 5 years. Although a large portion of its sales emerge from their product line, VMP offers the capability to produce custom parts as well. "We put our life and our blood into this company. And it's paid off.” -Steve Schreiner